We’re creating space for communion with God and each other to happen, and for community to flourish.

There’s brokenness in the Tenderloin neighborhood the same way there’s brokenness in all of our hearts. God is restoring, empowering and serving in our neighborhood, and we’re following His lead.

In The Ellis Room, our drop-in center, everyone has value. Everyone has a place. Everyone has something to give, and everyone has something to receive.

We come with open hearts to share and live the Gospel in the Tenderloin.

“A gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not the gospel at all.”

— Martin Luther


Our heart is for people to be restored to God, their families and others. We have a vision to see restored dignity and restored identity. God restores, and we're part of the work He's doing in our neighborhood.


We empower people to contribute to society. We equip them with tools for a stable life, to pursue work, employment and housing. We empower people to be their true selves.


We serve people practically, first and foremost by being good listeners. We provide free haircuts, access to showers, and prayer. We accompany people to the hospital, court and rehabilitation centers.