Religious Places of San Francisco

There are approximately 282 Evangelical churches, 93 mainline churches, 54 Roman Catholic churches, 27 uncategorized churches, 17 Orthodox churches, 28 other that either do not fit in the previous categories or could not be determined, 56 Buddhist temples, 17 synagogues, 5 Hindu temples, 5 mosques, 4 interfaith centers, 1 Shinto temple and 1 Bahai temple as of December 31, 2011 in the city and county of San Francisco. Each of the locations on this map have been verified with a physical visit. The above classifications for churches was based on classifications used by the Association of Religion Data Archives. If you church was wrongly classified please contact us.

Disclaimer: This map is provided as a public service by YWAM San Francisco. The information provided was researched through public sites and is for informational purposes only. The research for this projected concluded on December 31, 2011 and is currently updated periodically, but may not be accurate beyond that date and is subject to change without notice. YWAM San Francisco is not responsible for misinformation, or misrepresentation that is presented here. This map is a work in progress, and we encourage participation, so please email us if you find any missing, wrongly stated, wrongly categorized, etc information.