Youth With A Mission - San Francisco

We’re digging deeper. Relationships we’ve fostered with our neighbors are growing in intimacy. Ministries we’ve planted have strengthening roots, and new ministries are blossoming throughout our city and the Bay Area. We’re rooted in Jesus, and He’s sharpening our focus and softening our hearts.

2015 Giving

Will You Join Us?

In May 2014, God called us to purchase our property in faith. Through people like you, God raised a miraculous $1.4 million to make a down payment. We’ve secured a mortgage, we own our property, but this is only the beginning.

We know God is faithful, and we know He works through His Church — through people like me and you — to shine light in the darkness, to make a way when there isn’t one, and to complete the work He begins.

We need $2.2 million to be debt-free, to own our buildings outright, to walk freely into future ministry. And so we’re asking you to help us make a way, to help us pay off the mortgage on our property, our downtown ministry center.

We’ve seen a miracle. And we’re ready for another one.

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